Black Dirt [Drama On 3]

By Nell Leyshon.

Frank Lovell lies ill in bed, surrounded by his son who has learning difficulties, his daughter and son- in law.

As the morphine enters his bloodstream, suppressed memories of a past tragedy resurface.

Entwined with the story of the young Frank and his sister Iris are fables - Bible stories and the legends of Kings Arthur and Alfred.

Amongst the portrait of a family and the secrets and lies that bind them together, is an examination of Englishness and a rural landscape which is fast disappearing.

Father....Peter Hamilton Dyer

Mother....Rosalind March

Young Frank Lovell....Jack Thompson Rylance

Iris....Carly Bawden

Frank Lovell....Ewan Hopper

Margaret Lovell....Helen Slesinger

George Lovell....Alan Williams

Brian....Robert Pickavance

Directed in Manchester by Susan Roberts.