Black Maria [John Fletcher]


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20180917 (BBC7)
The true story of the most famous murderess of the Victorian era, Maria Manning.

A seamstress turned outlaw, her sensational trial mesmerised the nation. Each night in prison, Maria famously sewed black dresses to dazzle the waiting public, making the most splendid of all the night before her execution.

John Fletcher's play tells the compelling story of the woman after whom prison vans were called "black marias".

Maria Manning.... Charlotte Coleman
William Jackson... Kenny Blyth
The Editor... Julian Glover
Joseph O'Connor... John Hartley
Fred Manning.... Jonathan Keeble
Virginia Potts....Carolyn Pickles

Director: Virginia Crompton

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

How Victorian seamstress-turned-murderess Maria Manning mesmerised a nation.