Black Swan Green [Book At Bedtime]

By David Mitchell, abridged by Roger Pine, read by Stuart Mcloughlin.

Producer Sara Davies.

Jason Taylor is a 13-year-old facing the usual adolescent problems of family tensions, school bullies and the mysteries of girls.


01January Man20060522

He's also a stammerer and secret poet.


13 year-old Jason has developed many strategies for hiding his stammer from his schoolmates, but now he's facing an ordeal he can't duck.


Fed up with family tensions and school bullying, 13-year-old Jason sets off to discover a lost tunnel through the Malvern Hills.


Thirteen year-old Jason's expedition to the hills ends in an unexpected and unsettling encounter with a classmate.

05A Country At War20060526

Jason is keeping a scrapbook about the war in the Falklands, but his adolescent enthusiasm for the fighting disappears when news comes through of one of the village's own young soldiers.

06Knife Grinder20060529

Jason Taylor is a 13-year-old facing the usual adolescent problems.

Now the village is uniting against a gypsy encampment and Jason's loyalties are tested.


Jason Taylor is a 13-year-old facing the usual adolescent problems.

He makes an unplanned excursion to the local gypsy encampment.

08Goose Fair20060531

When Jason finds a wallet stuffed with notes belonging to his nemesis the bully Ross Wilcox at the annual Goose Fair, hes faced with one of the biggest dilemmas of his adolescent life.


After months of bullying, 13 year-old Jason, secret poet and stammerer, takes sweet revenge on his enemies.

10 LAST20060602

Jason's year ends with the Black Swan Green annual disco, where he spends his last few hours as someone who had never kissed a girl.

Back at home, he finds out the cause of the family tensions.