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A multi-voiced dark story about secrets and lies in a small town.
Golden girl Zoe has been dead for ten years, her body dragged from the river Black after a night out to celebrate the end of school. But now a woman who says she is Zoe has turned up in her hometown of Blackwater, on the Irish border, with no memory of the last decade. She claims she woke up in a forest nearby, bruised and bleeding, and does not know where she has been all this time. What happened to her? Is she really Zoe? If so, who is in her grave?

Written by Claire McGowan and read by Clare Dunne, Richard Clements, Aston Kelly and Sean Kearns.

Produced in Belfast by Celia De Wolff for BBC Northern Ireland.

A woman turns up in Blackwater claiming to be Zoe, but Zoe died ten years ago.

Multi-voiced dark story about secrets and lies in a small town, written by Claire McGowan.