Blackwood, The [Drama On 3]


20180916the house of rain
has sixty rooms

‘The Blackwood’, a new drama born out of Jacob Polley’s award-winning book Jackself, grows a new branch of the story of boyhood friends in a world both recognisably modern as well as starkly folkloric and weird. It recounts the journey of two boys through spaces real and rumoured, through the great forest of Blackwood, where voices and music weave alternative histories of boyhood, troubled friendship and the north of England. As well as a moving drama, The Blackwood is a haunting ‘landscape in noise’, created by musician and sound designer John Alder.

Narrator... Jacob Polley
Jeremy Wren... Ashley Margolis
Jackself... Kyle Gardiner

With music composed and played by John Alder.
Directed by Susan Roberts.

Part of Radio 3’s showcase of new audio plays at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Recorded with an audience at the BBC’s newly created pop-up drama studio at the Summerhall arts venue.

Drama from Edinburgh's Summerhall: The Blackwood by Jacob Polley with music by John Alder

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