The Blank Wall

By Elizabeth Sanxay Holding.

Set in America during the Second World War, this is a dark story of humdrum family life threatened by blackmail, passion and deceit, dramatised by Rachel Joyce.


0120061009In a confessional letter to her husband, Lucia recounts the disastrous consequences of a secret meeting.
  • bee....laurence bouvard
  • david....allan lidkey
  • donnelly....john lynch
  • lieutenant levy....demetri goritsas
  • lucia holley....Barbara Barnes
  • mr harper....Peter Marinker
  • mrs lloyd....rebecca miles
  • nagle....Martin T Sherman
  • ted darby....steve beckingham
  • 0220061010Lucia lies to protect her family as Ted Darby's body is discovered.
    0320061011Donnelly offers to help Lucia when she fails to raise the money she so desperately needs.
    0420061012Lucia witnesses a second violent death but finds unexpected reserves of courage.
    0520061013The investigation is closed but Lucia's salvation comes at a terrible price.