Blind Man On The Rampage

BBC disabilities correspondent Peter White presents five programmes with a unique take on life.

Peter White invites listeners to see things his way as he explores scenes from everyday life through sound, touch, smell and the well-intentioned help offered by others.


0101Hotfoot To The Footie1998040919980907
0102Knowing His Station1998041619980908
0103Apart From That, Mr White, How Was The Theatre?1998042319980909
0104A Quiet Night1998043019980910
0105 LASTAnother Canape, M'lord?1998050719980911
0201The Swimming Pool1999042219991004
0202What Colour Is Maroon, Anyway?1999042919991005
0203You Do Not Want To Hear That Bit1999050619991006Peter muses on the four worst sins of personAl Readers - editing, abridging, deviating and censoring.
0204I Never Wanted You To Promise Me A Rose Garden1999051319991007Peter experiences the perils of being led up the scented garden path.
0205 LASTTime, Mr White, Please1999052019991008Peter White visits his favourite habitat - the local.