The Blonde Women Of India


20130708I've grown up watching my parents settle into life in the UK and as a second generation British Asian I've grown up living between two cultures-overall it's been a rich and fulfilling experience for me. However , whenever I return to India I feel at times more 'English'..I get frustrated with the pushing, the shoving and the constant peeping of horns.If struggle when I'm on holiday here what about those people who've chosen to make India their home, particularly if they're white.

Heather Chathley was a trainee nurse ,he was a trainee Indian Doctor and they both met while at the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast and when Heather went for her first holiday to India she ended up marrying her Doctor and since 1979 the city of Moga in the Punjab has been home.

For Nancy Joyce Margaret Jones her life in India spans almost 70 years - pre Independence and partition with a planned wedding blessing from Mahatma Gandhi Nancy Rajni Kumar tells how India ""caught her in it's web "

She was working in the financial sector and he was Banker - that's how Christine Pemberton met her husband in the 1980's. Now living in Delhi - a City which she says is at times not an easy place to live in it has become her ""forever home"".

However , for Lindsay Singh - who has been in India for over thirteen years she and her Indian husband have decided to see if they can now start a new life in the UK home- but with her changed values and attitudes Lindsay's now not sure where they'll end up;these are 'The Blonde Women of India'.

Producer/Presenter: Perminder Khatkar.