Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Are you moody? Eccentric? Or perhaps Ambitious? Over the next five weeks, Professor Steve Jones will be examining our different blood groups and their hidden influences on our lives.


01The Beginnings2003111820040719There are well over a hundred blood groups and more are being discovered all the time.

The main blood groups that we know today O, A, B and AB were only discovered just over a hundred years ago.

Steve Jones finds out about the colourful hit and miss stories of transfusion before their discovery, the evolution of the different groups, how we get to be the blood groups we are and what that means.

02The Cultural Impact2003112520040720For many years anthropologists used blood groups as a way of tracking the movement of people.

While the rest of south Wales are mainly Os, in Pembrokeshire A predominates - a throw back to their Norman and Flemish ancestors.

Meanwhile, in Japan blood groups are used by the young to analyse each other's character and personality.

03I've Got Rhythm2003120220040721Have you got the blood of a Pharaoh? Steve Jones finds out how blood groups have been used to match Egyptian mummies to their families and if snails and other group As really do prefer harmony and Bs rhythm.
04Rhesus And Beyond2003120920040722Steve Jones discovers the implications for pregnant women of being rhesus negative and what it means to have Kell, Duffy and MN cursing through our veins.
05 LASTThe Future2003121620040723Steve Jones discovers what the future holds for our blood groups.

Could we ever live without them.