Blue Sky July [Book Of The Week]

Nia Wyn's heart-rending memoir of the first years of her son's life, read by Siriol Jenkins.



In the summer of 1998 the author and her partner are expecting the birth of their first child, full of anticipation and hope.


Joe Alexander is a beautiful baby, but in the days after his arrival it becomes increasingly clear to his mother, and eventually to the doctors, that something is wrong.


Now diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy, Joe Alexander is the intense focus of his parents' lives as they grasp at whatever therapy they can find.

Love and hope keep the family going.


As he approaches his third birthday, Joe has learned how to communicate by tapping his hand.

A breakthrough has been made and there are more to come.

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At the age of five, Joe now does all of the things his parents were told he would never do.

He can see, speak, walk and talk, but above all he knows how much he is loved by those around him.