Blue Wonder [Drama On 3]


20080914By Ronald Frame.

This new play is a story of love and deception set during the Cold War in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Throughout this period 'romeo spies' were operating, targeting bright and susceptible young women.

Alice Reeves, a young secretary from London, unwittingly becomes romantically involved with Otto Hanhart - an East German spy.

The encounter leads to unexpected consequences for both parties, changing their lives forever.

Alice Reeves....Clare Corbett

Otto Hanhart....Jamie Glover

Ben Coombes....Nick Sayce

Henry Soper....Gunnar Cauthery

Mr Hodges....Stephen Critchlow

Tricia....Cressida Trew

Doctor....Dan Starkey

Mrs Crosby....Liza Sadovy

Producer/Director: David Ian Neville