Bob Dylan 70 [Radio Scotland]


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From Pretty Peggy-O on his first album to Highlands in the '90s and beyond, throughout Bob Dylan's career folksongs and folk music have informed the melodic, thematic and structural roots of much of his work. Presented by Julie Fowlis and featuring contributions from Jean Redpath, Liam Clancy, Martin Carthy, Clinton Heylin, Professor Simon Frith, Linda Thompson, Seth Lakeman and others, this programme examines and celebrates the British and Irish folksong roots of much of Dylan's songwriting through the years. There is a considerable Scottish dimension including a 1961 In Concert recording of Lang a-growin' and Rab Noakes's illustrated speculation on the connection between The Times they are a-changin' and Hamish Henderson's Farewell to Sicily.

Julie Fowlis presents a celebration of the folksong roots of Bob Dylan's songwriting.