Body Tourists [Dangerous Visions]



It's 2045 and scientists have found a way to store memory and personality digitally after death - inserting a chip into other living bodies. The procedure is still at the trial stage.

The drama follows consultant Luke Butler and the experiences of the first volunteer bodies - the Hosts - intercut with the experiences of their new inhabitants, the Body Tourists who have been cryogenically frozen in anticipation of being brought back to life.

Hosts are drawn from among the unemployed poor in fenced estates in the north of England, who are paid handsomely for their bodies. After 14 days, each body is returned to its owner.

But Luke has inserted the brain of a dead woman scientist he venerates, Octavia, into the body of a young man he admires, Ryan.

This play has been rewritten and expanded by Jane Rogers into a full-length novel called Body Tourists, which will be published later in 2019.

Octavia....Susan Brown
Luke....Joseph Kloska
Paula....Lotte Rice
Ryan....Will Taylor
Gemma/Bot....Alana Ramsey

Music by 0171

Produced and Directed by Clive Brill
A Brill production for BBC Radio 4

In the year 2045 scientists have found a way to store memory and personality after death.

Dramas that explore contemporary takes on future dystopias.

Octavia.... Susan Brown
Luke.... Joseph Kloska
Paula.... Lotte Rice
Ryan.... Will Taylor
Gemma/Bot.... Alana Ramsey