Boiling Point [Radio Scotland]



Lizzie is happily married with two grown children. Why does she feel like she's dying?

by Tessa Gibbs.

A comedy about the menopause - if that's not a contradiction in terms.

Lizzie is 48, married to the faithful and loyal Roddy (even though she's aware that makes him sound like a dog), with two grown children and a nearly paid off mortgage....So why does she feel like she's dying?

Boiling Point is about the menopause, but it's not only about the menopause. It's also about being lost and found. It's about love, loyalty, biochemistry and the human condition.

And it's about the profound value - and danger - of very old friends.

Lizzie....Wendy Seager
Roddy....Stuart McQuarrie
Donna....Gabriel Quigley

Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.