Tom Baker narrates a drama-documentary re-creating an RAF bombing mission that took place on Saturday 18 February 1943. Based on Len Deighton's novel, the play is broadcast in episodes throughout the day as though in real time.


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Continuing the documentary drama.

The Raid. 1950 hours: at the Luftwaffe

Nightfighter base at Kroonsvig,

Holland, Oberleutnant Baron Victor von Lowenhertz and his crews are steeled for tonight's battle with Bomber Command, and the crew of Lancaster O-Orange are crossing the North Sea towards their target.

Continuing the documentary drama based on Len Deighton 's novel.

Takeoff. 1740 hours: at RAF Warley Fen 16 heavily laden Lancaster bombers take off for their target in Germany's industrial heartland.

Concluding the documentary drama. The Return Leg. 2330 hours: "Turn left off the target, gain speed by losing height. Don't go below 8,000 feet as you pass Noordwijk. The route is planned to avoid the flak concentrations at Amsterdam." (Group Captain Ludlow, Navigation Leader)

A documentary drama based on the novel by Len Deighton about an RAF Bomber Command raid on Germany on Saturday 18 February 1943.

Broadcast in real time throughout today, the play includes reminiscences from the men and women who were involved on both sides.

Starring Samuel West as Sam Lambert , Emma Chambers as Ruth Lambert , Jack Shepherd as August Bach, and featuring Frank Windsor as Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris.

Narrated by Tom Baker.

Planning and Preparation

1430 hours: at Bomber Command headquarters, Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris plans tonight's raid, and in Germany Luftwaffe

General Josef Kammhuber plans the night defence of the Ruhr. At RAF Warley Fen WAAF Corporal Ruth Lambert fears for her pilot husband Sam, and in the Ruhr town of Altgarten the Burgomeister plans his birthday celebrations. with Joe Dunlop , David Jarvis , Kristin Milward ,

Richard Pearce , Caroline Strong , Eva Stuart and Joe Swash. Dramatised by Joe Dunlop

Producer Jonathan Ruffle. Director Adrian Bean

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19950218]

Unknown: Len Deighton

Novel By: Len Deighton

Unknown: Samuel West

Unknown: Sam Lambert

Unknown: Emma Chambers

Unknown: Ruth Lambert

Unknown: Jack Shepherd

Unknown: Sir Arthur Harris.

Unknown: Tom Baker.

Unknown: General Josef Kammhuber

Unknown: Joe Dunlop

Unknown: David Jarvis

Unknown: Kristin Milward

Unknown: Richard Pearce

Unknown: Caroline Strong

Unknown: Eva Stuart

Unknown: Joe Swash.

Dramatised By: Joe Dunlop

Producer: Jonathan Ruffle.

Director: Adrian Bean

Sgt Ted Batters' Battersby: David Antrobus

Sgt Diggers' Digby: Jonathan Keeble

Sgt Simon Kosher Cohen: Joshua Towb

Sgt Huw Binty Jones: Clive Hill

Sgt Flash Gordon: Ian Peck

Sgt Jimmy Grimm: Terry John

Anna Luisa: Alice Arnold

Unteroffizier Willi Reinecke: Brian Murphy

Burgomeister Walter Ryessman: John Woodvine

Oberleutnant Baron Victor von Lowenhertz: Dominic Rickards

Fit Lt Teny Sweet: Michael Troughton

WAAF Corporal Madge Scott: Siriol Jenkins

Unteroffizier Christian Himmel: Scott Cherry

SS Sturmbannfuhrer Fischer: Russell Floyd

Group Captain: Michael Tudor Barnes

Flying Officer Longfellow: Peter Yapp

Gerd Boll: Gavin Muir

Doctor Hans Starkhov: Derek Waring

Untersturmfuhrer Blessing: Ian Masters

Hansl: Pascoe Sabido

Johannes lifa: Oliver Senton

Group Captain Ludlow: Don McCorkindale

Frau Josef: Deborah Berlin

Frau Gerda: Becky Hindley

01Planning And Preparation19990904

With Samuel West, Emma Chambers, Jack Shepherd and Frank Windsor

02The Raid19990904

1950 hours: The Luftwaffe Nightfighter base at Kroonsvig, Holland, is steeled for tonight's battle with Bomber Command and the crew of Lancaster O-Orange, who, along with 695 bombers, are crossing the North Sea towards their target.

03 LASTThe Return Leg19990904

At 2330 hours Group Captain Ludlow, Navigation Leader, issues orders for the return flight.