Book At Bedtime - Capital



It's November 2008 in Pepys Road and life is changing for its residents. For some the changes are good, for the Younts they're not.

Capital - the new novel by John Lanchester - is the story of one south London street, which has seen a hundred years of fortunes made and lost, of hearts broken, of first steps and last breaths. And then, one day a card with a simple message drops through each letterbox: 'We Want What You Have' - Capital interweaves the lives and stories of the residents of Pepys Road in an utterly compelling, post-crash, state-of-the-nation novel told with compassion, humour and truth; epic in scope, yet intimate and contemplative.

Producer: David Roper

A Heavy Entertainment production for BBC Radio 4.

November 2008 and life is changing in Pepys Road - for good and worse.