Book At Bedtime: The Ramayana Of Valmiki


[R4 BD=19941031]

The story of Ram of Ayodhya, a fantastic and epic tale, starring Saeed Jaffrey and Shashi Kapoor. This first half of the story is dramatised in ten episodes by Rani Singh and Alby James. 1: The Origins of Pain and Hope

When the demon Ravan fools the god Brahma into granting him invincibility, he instigates a reign of terror to take over the world. Brahma's quest begins - to find a champion among humans, the only beings to whom Ravan remains vulnerable.

Producer Alby James. For cast see Friday * See This Week: page 12

[R4 BD=19941031]

Unknown: Saeed Jaffrey

Unknown: Shashi Kapoor.

Unknown: Rani Singh

Unknown: Alby James.

Producer: Alby James.