Books To Change Your Life By

Bel Mooney introduces an anthology of extracts from classic and contemporary books offering thoughts and advice on better living.


01How To Win Friends And Influence People, By Dale Carnegie20070101

Written in 1936, this is the title that spawned numerous parodies and imitations and which still has pearls of homespun wisdom to share.

Read by Kerry Shale

02Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, By Robert M Pirsig.20070102

The hugely acclaimed 1974 bestseller which brought philosophy into the real world.

Read by Peter Marinker

03The Successful Self, By Dorothy Rowe.20070103

Insights from the world of psychotherapy.

Read by Frances Jeater

04Emotional Intelligence20070104

By Daniel Goleman.

Which comes first - thoughts or feelings?

05 LASTHow To Be Free20070105

By Tom Hodgkinson, read by Rupert Wickham.

How should we deal with all the shackles and manacles of modern life?