Borderlands Saturday Playhouse - On The Edge Of The World


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950624]

A short season on the linked theme of people and countries on the margins opens with this play by Mike Dorrell , with Clive Merrison as Gerald of Wales. When the archbishopric of St David 's in remotest Pembrokeshire becomes vacant, Gerald's Welsh ancestry should make him the perfect candidate. with Brendan Charleson , Richard Nichols , Dafydd Wyn Roberts , Brinley Jenkins and Jason Hughes. Director Alison Hindell

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950624]

Play By: Mike Dorrell

Unknown: Clive Merrison

Unknown: St David

Unknown: Brendan Charleson

Unknown: Richard Nichols

Unknown: Dafydd Wyn Roberts

Unknown: Brinley Jenkins

Unknown: Jason Hughes.

Director: Alison Hindell

Ness: Manon Edwards

King John: Peter Yapp

Pope Innocent III: Stephen Thorne

John of Tynemouth: Jonathan Tafler

Hubert Walter: John Hartley

Castellan: Simon Ludders