Borderlands The Clearance Of Audleystown


Genome: [r4 Bd=19950629]

Lady Bangor looked out of her window one day in 1850 and decided that the unsightly hamlet of Audleystown marred her view of Strangford Lough and must therefore be removed. Martin Lynch 's play is an account of this true story. with J J Murphy. Walter McMonagle , Peter O'Meara , Annie Farr , Peter Ballance , Conor Grimes , B J Hogg, Trevor Moore and Tim Loane. Director Pam Brighton

APOLOGY: In our description of Matt Black and Chrome on 15 June we suggested that author Dominic Minghella was the creator of BBCl's Hamish Macbeth. He has written to point out that he was merely script editor for the series and wrote one episode. We are happy to set the record straight.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19950629]

Unknown: Strangford Lough

Unknown: Martin Lynch

Unknown: J J Murphy.

Unknown: Walter McMonagle

Unknown: Peter O'Meara

Unknown: Annie Farr

Unknown: Peter Ballance

Unknown: Conor Grimes

Unknown: Trevor Moore

Unknown: Tim Loane.

Director: Pam Brighton

Unknown: Matt Black

Unknown: Dominic Minghella

Unknown: Hamish MacBeth.

Major Nugent: Ian McElhinney

BBC Interviewer: Marie Jones

Felix: Birdy Sweeney

Chrissie: Sheila McGibbon

Barry Hinds: John Hewitt

Whitey Swail: Lalor Roddy

Harriett: Laura Hughes