A tense and thrilling dramatisation of a real-life escape story from Ian Curteis, starring Simon Woods (Cranford, Rome) as King Charles II.

Defeated in battle following the execution of his father, the future Charles II must flee England or die.

Over a thrilling 40-day journey, young Charles has much to learn - how to live rough, how to evade capture and how to earn the kindness of strangers.

Ian Curteis is a prolific writer for radio and television.

His most well known play is The Falklands Play, the story of how Margaret Thatcher's government went to war with Argentina, which was first broadcast on both Radio 4 and BBC 4 to mark the 20th anniversary of the Falklands War.


Charles II - Simon Woods

Derby/John Penderel - Kevin Eldon

Wilmot - Chris Larkin

George Penderel/Whitgreave - Simon Treves

Gifford/Woolf - Malcolm Brown

Carlis/Colonel - Stephen Carlile

Betty/Jane - Kate Sachs

Mrs Woolf/Cook - Jill Shilling

Director: Dirk Maggs

Writer: Ian Curteis

Producer: Rebecca Pinfield

An Above The Title production for BBC Radio 4.

Historical thriller that follows the future Charles II after his father's execution.


Historical thriller by Ian Curteis that charts the fortunes of the future Charles II in the immediate aftermath of his father's defeat.

After the execution of his father, the young Charles flees England.

Over the course of a 40-day journey, he must learn how to live rough, evade capture and earn the kindness of strangers.

Charles....Simon Woods

Derby/John Penderel....Kevin Eldon

Wilmot....Chris Larkin

George Penderel/Whitgreave....Simon Treves

Gifford/Woolf....Malcolm Brown

Carlis/Colonel....Stephen Carlile

Betty/Jane....Kate Sachs

Mrs Woolf/Cook....Jill Shilling

Directed by Dirk Maggs