The Brandreth Rules


0101How To Make Your Constituents Love You2003070620030709

Ever wanted to be an MP? Gyles Brandreth did, and he was. With the help of MPs past and present, he sets out his rules for surviving the political jungle.

0102The Rules2003071320030716
0103The Whips And How To Avoid Them2003072020030723

Who are the mysterious 'Whips' whose very name makes seasoned MPs turn pale? Gyles Brandreth knows - he was one once. In the third programme in his series The Brandreth Rules, he explains how to deal with the Whips, how to impress them, when to avoid them, and how you can make them your friends. With contributions from parliamentarians past and present, including Matthew Parris, Edwina Currie, Lord Hurd and Jonathan Aitken, we learn how in times of trouble your Whip can be a lifesaver.


Former MP Gyles Brandreth explains the rules for survival in the political jungle.