The Brandreth Rules - Party Conferences

The political parties are preparing to migrate to the seaside.

It's conference time, a gruelling experience for all involved.

The fried breakfasts and fish and chips, the free flowing booze, the receptions, the parties, the late nights, and then there's the politics.

Gyles Brandreth, former MP and government minister, is a veteran of the seaside circuit.

He lays down his rules for surviving the conference season.




You've learned how to survive the party conference, now you want to become a conference darling.

How do you make your speech and make your mark? How do you get the audience applauding and ensure a standing ovation at the end?

Gyles Brandreth, former MP and minister and a seasoned conference hand, knows how its done.

He's helped to write prime ministerial speeches in his time and they're always a triumph.

In this programme, he lays down his rules for conquering the conference.

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Whenever two politicians gather together, there's bound to be a plot.

At the party conferences, there are hundreds of politicians and nearly as many plots.

Sometimes they're trivial, sometimes they're no more than party horsetrading, but sometimes they can cause the downfall of a leader, or the emergence of a new one.

Gyles Brandreth, former MP and minister and an experienced conference hand, offers his rules for plotting at conference time.