The Brandreth Rules For Ministers



You've had the call from Number 10, you've got the car, you've got the box; at last you're a minister.

Former minister Gyles Brandreth explains the dos and don'ts of ministerial life, how to arrive, how to survive and how to thrive.

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You've made it.

You're a minister.

In the second of these programmes, Gyles Brandreth, a onetime minister himself, reports on the triumphs and disasters of ministerial life and explains the rules for moving onward and upward.

How to get the best out of the civil service, how to keep on top of the red boxes, how to stay on good terms with your colleagues, and how to impress the only person who really matters, the Prime Minister.

And then, when it all comes to an end, as it inevitably will, how to make as dignified an exit as possible.