Where are we in our imaginations when at our desks? Songs and true stories of office life.

Radio 4 drama

Where are we really in our imaginations while we're sitting at our desks? Bristol composer Jennifer Bell's a-cappella songs about the human emotions and oddities at play in office life are interwoven with true stories of love and yearning from office workers around the country.
Producer Beth O'Dea
Bread and Butter is based on a song cycle composed and written by Jennifer Bell.
The singers are: Andy Marshall, Ellie Showering, Natalie Farr, Harry Humberstone, Katy Tucker, Mella Faye, Blythe Pepino and Jennifer Bell.
Interviewees include Lorraine Mariner and Susan Reuben.
Photo credit:
Image by Bryony Ball, from Bread and Butter (dir. Freya Billington).