Richard Roxburgh reads from Tim Winton's tale of adolescence in Australia.



An emergency callout in the suburbs takes a middle-aged paramedic back to his own youth.


Pikelet and Loonie begin to test the boundaries.

Unable to resist the lure of the waves and the beauty of the men who dance upon them, the boys begin to learn to surf, testing their limits further every time.

They are intrigued by the older lone surfer who only appears when the waves are at their highest.


As Pikelet and Loonie begin to surf the bigger waves at the Point, they catch the attention of the lone surfer.

When Sando takes the boys under his wing, the parameters begin to change.


Pikelet and Loonie discover something of Sando's past.

He shows them a secret location.


Pikelet and Loonie's friendship begins to fracture when Pikelet takes on a new challenge.


Pikelet's existence is becoming increasingly estranged from normality.

A close encounter with death does nothing to dampen his fascination with his guru Sando, but now Sando is beginning to hint at something even Pikelet may find too much.


As Sando pushes the boundaries further, Pikelet is getting out of his depth.

Increasingly the odd one out in the trio, facing the awe-inspiring Nautilus, a wave that breaks over a bare reef, is his last chance to remain part of this exclusive, dangerous band of three.


Richard Roxburgh reads from Tim Winton's tale of adolescence on the edge, set on the Western fringe of Australia.


Humiliated and furious at his failure at the Nautilus, Pikelet takes on Old Smokey alone, and the consequences are far-reaching.


Pikelet leaves the dangers of the surf behind and finds himself in far more terrifying territory.

Sando's wife Eva proves even more testing than her husband.

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Bruce Pike looks back on his fractured youth and reflects on the man he has become, and how, despite everything, the surf retains its irresistible allure and ability to let a man dance.