Brexit - A Tale Of Two Cities



A year on, contrasting Wakefield, which voted leave, to Oxford, which voted remain.

A year on from the Brexit referendum, Anand Menon contrasts Wakefield, which voted leave, with Oxford, which voted remain. After the turmoil of the first few weeks, the media narrative is that people have largely come to terms with the idea of a Britain outside the EU and the process of departure. 12 months on, is that true? What did leave and remain voters imagine a Brexit vote would lead to? How do they feel now? Are they more or less optimistic about Brexit than they were? Why? And who or what has changed their mind?

Professor Anand Menon of Kings College London is director of the thinktank The UK in a Changing Europe. He revisits his home city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, which voted heavily to quit the EU. Talking to family, friends and others, he asks if leave campaigners there are happier than they were a year ago. And he talks to people in Oxford, the city which he has made his home. People here voted to stay in the union: how do they feel now about the decision and the people who voted the other way?

Producer: Nina Robinson.

Producer: Nina Robinson.