Brian Appleton's History Of


... Rock 'n' Roll. Consider Yourself Dumped Upon20080425 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080426 BT=0400 (BBC7)

Graham Fellows reveals how some of rock's biggest names have a lot to thank him for. Episode 2 of 6.

...rock 'n' Roll20080509 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080510 BT=0400 (BBC7)
20080516 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080517 BT=0400 (BBC7)

My Turn to Be Poorly: Graham Fellows' Brummie musicologist reveals the impact of so many deaths of rock legends at 27. Episode 5 of 6.

Kajaboohoo: Graham Fellows' Brummie musicologist reveals what he didn't do on the music scene in the 1980s. Episode 4 of 6.

...rock 'n' Roll. A Lot Of Knowledge20080523 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080524 BT=0400 (BBC7)

The Brummie musicologist and forgotten Thompson Twin shows why rock 'n' roll is a cruel mistress. Starring Graham Fellows. Episode 6 of 6.

...rock 'n' Roll. Come Up And See Me20080502 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080503 BT=0400 (BBC7)

Brian Appleton explains how he single-handedly changed the face of rock music. Episode 3 of 6.

...rock 'n' Roll. Eight Miles Low20080418 BT=2300 (BBC7)
20080419 BT=0400 (BBC7)

Graham Fellowes' spoof rock history lectures, including how fear of flying led to the birth of Psychedelia! Episode 1 of 6.