Brian Appleton's Unofficial Multi-media Lecture

Disgraced Rock Musicologist and Media Studies lecturer Brian Appleton delivers a series of unique and bizarre lectures to an invited audience, drawing on his own bitter memories of thwarted pop stardom.

Written and performed by Graham Fellows

Additional Research by Rex Brough.


0101From Cliff To Dale2005060120061116

Brian charts five decades of British pop.

0102Elvis Lives2005060820061123

Rock musicologist and Media Studies lecturer Brian Appleton examines the conspiracy theories which abound in the history of rock concerning Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley and Harry Secombe, to name but three.

0103Let's Look At Sound2005061520061130

From the first audio recordings to the latest digital gadgetry, rock musicologst Brian Appleton examines how the microphone changed music forever, and explains why, if sound travelled at the speed of light, man would have evolved with only one ear on the top of his head.

0104Now Let's Listen To Light2005062220061207

After looking at sound last week, Brian attempts to follow through by Listening to Light.

But is that plausible or should he just look at sound again? After all, listening to light seems uncomfortably close to the discipline of laboratory physics and he doesn't have the pre-requisite white coat.

0105King Steve2005062920061214

Surprisingly, Brian finds himself official! Yes, the college principal has re-instated him, with the proviso that he doesn't talk about rock music.

Instead he has to deliver a lecture on the last Norman King of England, King Steve.

Or does he?

0106 LASTIt's Not What You Know, It's The Who2005070620061221

After years of humiliation, Brian can take no more so decides to take revenge on his fellow rockers by exposing their mistakes, fluffs and bum notes.