The Bribery Warehouse



by Kelvin Segger It's January 1835 and Ipswich is gripped by election fever.

The hustings are in full swing on The Cornhill.

George Cunnold, a tailor, walks across the square amidst the shouting and speeches.

Business is poor, the order book is empty and his desperate need of extra income leads him into a web of corruption and bribery.

Based on the true story of how a little man took a brave stand against the might of a corrupt political system.

George Cunnold....Jonathan Tafler Fitzroy Kelly....Jonathan Keeble Richard Grey....Christian Rodska Ithamar Podd....Rob Swinton Mrs Pite....Patience Tomlinson Pilgrim / Navvy / Dickens....Peter Meakin Austin / Newspaper / Announcer....Ian Brooker Stewart / Clerk / Pollster....Paul Clarkson Director: Peter Leslie Wild