Five stories which have been commissioned to mark the opening of the Millennium Bridge across the Thames at Bankside.


01Emily's Bridge2000060520001211

by Erica Wagner, read by Lorelei King.

When her husband's health fails, Emily realises that someone has to help him complete the bridge.

02Potter's Last Journey2000060620001212

by Tim Lott, read by Nicholas Farrell.

Potter's childhood friend remembers their days playing beside a stream.

03Red Meccano Set2000060720001213

by Ruth Thomas, read by Deborah Findlay.

Jane is driving her young niece Chloe to a family reunion in Scotland, but she finds it difficult to make a connection with the eight-year-old.

04The No 12 Bus2000060820001214

by Jenny McLeod, read by Rudolph Walker.

Edgar and his wife met on a bridge in Jamaica, so they both believe that his new job in ENGLAND, which involves crossing Westminster Bridge several times a day on the No 12 bus, will bring them luck.

05 LASTThe Bridge2000060920001215

by Jane Stevenson, read by Greg Wise.

Mark has no inkling of what the consequences will be when he agrees to meet Louise on the new bridge to discuss a project.