Bridget Christieand#039;s Utopia



As civilization collapses, Bridget Christie embarks on a comic quest for her Shangri-La.

Award-winning stand-up comedian Bridget Christie returns to BBC Radio 4 with her brand new comedy series, Bridget Christie's Utopia.

As Bridget Christie struggles to come to terms with current world events - Kim Jong-un, the melting polar ice caps, the Brexit negotiations and Nick Knowles singing a cover of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun", she embarks on a comic quest for her Utopia - a way of living that will make her less anxious and enable her to have her first happy wee since the Brexit vote in 2016.

EPISODE 4 : Money : In the final episode of the series, Bridget explores money and being super rich - to see if that will make her happier. Will auditioning for a lucrative TK Maxx commercial and playing a Capitalists vs Marxists Board game with former Labour leader Ed Miliband enlighten Bridget over the happiness that lots of money could bring her? Could being super rich be the answer to all Bridget's problems and bring her inner calm? Or will life still be completely rubbish?

Stand-up show recorded in front of a studio audience at the BBC Radio Theatre.

Written by and Starring: Bridget Christie.
Producers: Simon Nicholls and Alison Vernon-Smith.
A BBC Studios Production.