A Brief History Of


A Brief History Of Apollo 820181221 (6M)

Chris Hawkins and Public Service Broadcasting's J Willgoose Esq. tell the story of the second manned spaceflight mission in the United States Apollo space programme, launched on December 21, 1968, at the height of the space race.

This special programme features archive audio from on board the Apollo 8 space craft, including a reading from The Book of Genesis, the astronaut's amazing Christmas eve message to planet earth and from the crew that were responsible for ‘Earthrise’ - a photograph that has been described as "the most influential environmental photograph ever taken”.

The story will also include a soundtrack which includes music by Radiohead, The Who, Clint Mansell, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno.

With J Willgoose Esq. from Public Service Broadcasting, marking the 50th Anniversary.

Chris Hawkins presents A Brief History