A Brief History Of The End Of Everything

Astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno presents a beginners guide to ideas, ancient and modern, about how the universe will end.


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Brother Guy Consalmagno examines ideas about the future of the universe.

Is it immortal - or will it vanish and start anew?

Is it immortal?

Scientists in the 1950s did not like the idea of a start to the universe because it resembled Creation.

A universe that went on forever was more comforting, but the Big Bang theory forced everyone to start thinking about what will happen at the end of time.

02The Big Crunch2003012820040812
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Will the universe implode or will it contract and expand? Vatican Astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno investigates.

Will the universe implode or will it expand? Brother Guy Consolmagno investigates.

If the Big Bang threw everything outwards, will gravity pull it all back again? Modern scientific theory and Egyptian religion both hint at the possibility of devastation, and eternal nothingness.

03The Bouncing Universe2003012920040819
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Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno thinks ahead to a post-human future and back to some ancient beliefs.

Brother Guy Consolmagno thinks ahead to a post-human future and back to ancient beliefs.

When our universe ends, will it start all over again? Or do we need to escape to another universe while we have the time? The science of the Ancient Greek atomists provides some clues as to where our universe is heading.

04The Big Chill2003013020040826
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If the sun and the stars burn themselves out, will any life survive in the darkness? With astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno.

Scientists now believe that the universe will expand into a lifeless nothingness

Scientists now think that the universe will expand into a cold, dark, lifeless nothingness.

On a brighter note, the universe is still very young so we've plenty of time left.

But does astronomy ultimately put a full-stop on mankind's ambition to live forever?

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The Earth could be habitable for another three billion years.

Is there time to escape? Guy Consolmagno investigates.

Could scientists create a substance which devours the planet?