Brighton Caricatures


AR01Fanny Burney20040517

By Frances Childs.

Novelist Fanny Burney comments on Brighton society whilst staying with the recently widowed Mrs Thrale.

Read by Poppy Miller

AR02A Lesson In The Art Of Snuff-taking20040518

By John Peacock Beau Brummell, haunted by debt, attempts to re-acquaint himself with the recently Crowned King George IV.

Read by Phillip Voss.

AR03The Chemist, The Hypnotist, His Wife And The Cook, Or Mary Jane's Mishap20040519

By Carole Hayman.

George Albert Smith, one of the pioneers of British Cinema, awaits his cast and crew on the first day of shooting a new film.

Read by David Collings

By Carole Hayman.

Read by David Collings

AR04Whistler's Wall20040520

by Roy Apps.

How Rex Whistler passed the time as he waited in a Brighton House to be called to war.

AR05 LASTWells Coates20040521

By Simon Fanshawe.

The life of the ARCHITECT who designed the controversial block of flats on Brighton's Regency seafront.

Read by Peter Marinker