Bring Me The Head Of Philip K Dick



Gregory Whitehead's dark, surreal and satirical drama, set in contemporary America, centres on a deadly futuristic weapon in the shape of the android head of science-fiction writer Philip K Dick.

Invented by a shadowy research unit inside the Pentagon, the head - which believes it actually is Dick himself - is wreaking havoc on society and must be stopped before it finds its body.

Cryptica Scriptura....Elizabeth Aspenlieder

  • cathy nebula....karen beaumont
  • music by.... - - laura wiens and nick zammuto

  • nancy robinson....hilary deely
  • perky pat....Anne Undeland
  • philip dooley....richard jackson
  • poem by Jon Swan.

    Gregory Whitehead's fantasy about the android head of science-fiction writer Philip K Dick

  • reverend darkleigh....George Bergen
  • the patriot....Gregory Whitehead
  • the potato man....Jon Swan
  • tiffany splenda....Karen Lee
  • written, produced and directed by Gregory Whitehead