19680923Decisive Events

Stamford Bridge and Hastings

A reconstruction of the two battles fought by King Harold in the early autumn of 1066

19680930Decisive Events

Richard I and The Third Crusade

19681007Decisive Events

Magna Carta

Written by Phyllis Drayson



Decisive Events

Edward I and the Cunquest of Wales

The story of Llywelyn's last campaign and Edward Is great castle-builder master, James of St. George.

Written by Wynford Vaughan-Thomas

19681021Decisive Events

Wat Tyler 's Rebellion

In 1381 under a remarkable leader the serfs nearly succeeded in obtaining personal freedom. They failed. but in the next hundred years serfdom in England faded away. and England won what it took the French another four centuries and a revolution to achieve. Here the rebellion is seen through the eyes of Richard II and his court.

Written by Cameron Miller



Decisive Events

Wat Tyler 's Rebellion

In 1381 under a remarkable leader the serfs nearly succeeded in obtaining personal freedom. Here the rebellion is seen through the eyes of Richard II and his court,

Written by Cameron Miller



Decisive Events

Tyndale's Bible

For any one man to undertake to translate the Bible out of Hebrew and Greek into his mother tongue now seems an impossible ambition, but it was achieved by Martin Luther in Germany and by his English contemporary and admirer William Tyndale. Both produced literary masterpieces. Here the hostile circumstances in which Tyndale lived and died. an exile from his home land. are described in dramatic terms.

Written by Jane Oliver

19681111Decisive Events

Westminster Abbey: The Last Days of the Monastery

Henry VII added to the Abbey its crowning architectural glory. but in his son's reign the Benedictine monks were ejected. Some were briefly restored by Quean Mary. Queen Elizabeth removed them. but preserved the Abbey as a place of religion and learning. These events are seen through the eyes of a monk who lived through that tragic half-century

Written by Catherine Northcote



Decisive Events

Drake's Voyage round the World

Spanish writers affirm the courtesy of their enemy, and his skill as a navigator. His daring proved a lasting inspiration to British seamen, who were late-comers to the art of ocean navigation. The story of his voyage (1577-80) is dramatically retold in this broadcast.

Broadcast on November 13. 1967



Decisive Events

The Sailing of the Mayflower

Religious persecution under

James I inspired thousands of British families to cross the North Atlantic and to make their homes in a wilderness of trees and rocks. The tale of the Mayflower is told here mainly in the words of one of them, William Bradford.

Script by R. M. Neill-Hall



Decisive Events

The death of Charles 1 tWhat happened between the end of the Civil War in 1645, when the Parliamentary army had scattered all the King's forces, and 1649, when its leaders brought Charles I to the scaffold? The broadcast describes this political crisis, and how Charles played the army false, as well as the quiet dignity with which he met his end.

Script by Stephen Usherwood and John Tully

19690113Decisive Events

The Founding of Pennsylvania

Written by William Fox

19690120Decisive Events

Brindley's First Canal

Script by Howard Jones

19690127Decisive Events

The American War of Independence

Script by John Tully



Decisive Events


Against a background of life at sea during the Trafalgar campaign. this broadcast conveys the sense of loss felt by all ranks at the death of Nelson, whose qualities of leadership had defended them from the critical danger of attack by the combined navies of France and Spain and the armies of Napoleon.

Script by Elizabeth Ornbo and Richard Wortley

19690217Decisive Events

The Tolpuddle Case

Script by John Richmond



Decisive Events

The Indian Mutiny, 1857

Here the fighting at Meerut and Delhi is presented as typical of the terrible events which suddenly shattered a period of comparative peace and unprecedented material progress.

Script by Margaret J. Miller

19690310Decisive Events

Bessemer and Steel

Script by Henry Marshall



Decisive Events

The Jameson Raid , 1895

Script by Cameron Miller

19690324Decisive Events

Votes for Women

The violent and illegal agitation led by Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst between 1908 and 1914 to force Parliament to give women the vote is seen through the eyes of one of her young adherents.

Script by Margaret J. Miller