British Muslims, Father And Son



Moazzam Begg spent three years as a prisoner in Bagram and Guatanamo Bay before being released without charge.

Throughout that that time his father fought for his son's release.

Since his release Moazzam Begg has remained in the headlines.

He is a controversial figure - for some he is an innocent victim, while others have hard questions about his beliefs and actions.

Steve Evans tells an extraordinary story of a father and son and their very different experiences of being a British Muslim.

From the generations of Begg family military history, to Moazzam almost joining the British army, to his support for Muslim causes around the world - there are many contradictions and paradoxes in the Begg family story.

The exceptional bond between father and son, though, is clear throughout.

Steve Evans charts Moazzam Begg's story through his and his father's words.