British Troll Farm



A new sitcom starring Daniel Ings (Lovesick) and Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls), set in a secret British military unit dedicated to fighting the social media cyberwar. Badly.

Welcome to the British Troll Farm - the nickname of a fairly top-secret soft-power Government installation, in a rented warehouse off the A23, just pass Kwiksave, you know, on the left, after the Hedgehog Sanctuary. Filled with nearly-quite-a-few millennials, all typing, blogging and spoofing to defend British interests.

The problem is it’s not exactly easy to defend British values passionately, like the Russians and the Chinese do theirs. And can you really use Putin-esque tactics to promote the idea that parliamentary democracy is sort of fine and that cricket is vaguely worth watching?

This will be the first ever comedy to exploit the online world we all swim in, combining smartphones and satire with an ensemble workplace sitcom. This is an inverse Bletchley Park - staffed by idiots. With apps.

Joshn.... Daniel Ings
Caz.... Nicola Coughlan
Phil.... Steve Edge
Bim.... Tala Gouveia
Narrator.... Ewan Bailey

Special guest:
The Russian Ambassador.... Kerry Shale

Written by Jack Bernhardt
Produced by David Tyler

A Pozzitive production for BBC Radio 4

Sitcom in a secret British unit dedicated to fighting the social media cyberwar. Badly.