Broadcast From Bath

Five new stories performed on stage at the Bath Literature Festival.


200101Treatment Room20010305

By Chrissie Gittings

A beauty therapist reveals more than purely professional secrets in her weekly sessions with a client.

Performed by Stephanie Cole

200102One Box Of Books20010306

By Mat Coward

Every time you move home, you lose one box of books - this is the mysterious rule.

But where they go, and why, is an even deeper mystery.

Performed by John Telfer

200103Water Under The Bridge20010307

By Eddi Woodbridge

When Mrs Sutton initiates correspondence with her local water company, it is in the hope of getting her bills reduced.

By the time it ends, her whole life has been transformed.

Performed by Stephanie Cole

200104Swim, Zara, Swim20010308

By Tamar Hodes

Zara's weekly swim has been her treat, her time alone, throughout her marriage, but when her husband becomes suspicious, he is quite unprepared for what he discovers.

Performed by John Telfer

200105 LASTMrs Sheen20010309

By Paul Dodgson

When an office cleaner becomes computer literate, her working life takes on a new dimension.

Performed by Stephanie Cole

200301Vacant Possession20030303

by Richard Francis.

Read by John Telfer.

200302Face Value20030304

by Pippa Gladhill.

Read by Stephanie Cole.


by Steve May.

Even very clever cats can make mistakes.

Read by John Telfer.

200305 LASTRoom To Move20030307

by Mat Coward.

Read by John Telfer.