The Brother Gardeners - Botany, Empire And The Birth Of Obsession

Andrea Wulf's history of the gardening revolution of the 18th century.


01* The Merchant's Tale20080324

New plants from the American colonies were introduced to Britain.

02* The Peckham Prototype20080325

Many of Britain's favourite flowers first bloomed in the ordered garden of Peter Collinson, who attracted extremely wealthy patrons.

03* The Naming Of Plants20080326

The great Swedish taxonomist Carl Linnaeus sends his brightest student to London to give names to the new exotic plants.

But the student falls under the spell of Britain's gardens and gardeners.

04* Ye Who O'er Southern Oceans Wander20080327

The American plant collectors are disturbed by the native Indians.

Joseph Banks heads south in the ship Endeavour on a historic botanical expedition.

05 LAST* Loves Of The Plants20080328

As Britain becomes obsessed with gardening, Joseph Banks exhorts army officers, merchants, diplomats and missionaries to send home to Kew any exotic plant from overseas.