Brothers Faversham, The [The Penny Dreadfuls]


01Horatius Faversham2008011120201008 (BBC7)The Penny Dreadfuls sketch group present four swashbuckling tales of Horatius, Theseus, Leonidas and Augustus, all brothers born into the same privileged aristocratic Victorian family. N.B The Penny Dreadfuls won the Best Comedy Award at Edinburgh in 2008.

Each episode, our narrator guides us through the colourful birth, life and untimely demise of each of the brothers as one by one they succumb to the dangers of 19th century living. Characters are bigger than life; melodramatic, quaint, mysterious, and come from a wide range of trades, from soldiers and explorers to reverends, children entertainers and of course, gentlemen detectives.

The Penny Dreadfuls:
Humphrey Ker
David Reed
Thom Tuck.

Alexandra Faversham... Ingrid Oliver
Narrator... Miles Jupp.

Written by:
Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck.

Produced by Julia McKenzie

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2008.

The tale of Victorian Britain's most decorated soldier. Swashbuckling romp from Jan 2008.

Comedy drama from sketch trio The Penny Dreadfuls: Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck.