Katie is a medical student who has grown up in post-Good Friday Agreement Northern Ireland and her country's past hasn't impacted on her or been of much interest to her. Until she discovers some old newspapers in her grandmother's attic that is, and suddenly and devastatingly her world comes crashing down around her. Her father is not the man she believed him to be: he has been in prison for an atrocity he carried out during the Troubles.

Katie is distraught and feels betrayed. How could her parents have kept this from her? How could her father have ever done something so terrible? As Katie struggles to come to terms with her father's past she puts her own future at university in jeopardy, but how can she ever understand what he did and why, much less forgive him?

Sophie Harkness stars as Katie in a story of a family trying to come to terms with the secrets of the past.

Writer Francis Turnly's previous credits for Radio 4 include 'Hinterland', 'Point of Departure', 'Homestead', 'Baldi' and 'Pressing the Flesh'.