Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show



Bruce is joined by rock author Joel McIver who will be previewing the Reading and Leeds Festival.

Bruce plays news and classic hard rock and metal tunes.

Bruce is joined by rock legend Lemmy from groundbreaking metal group Motorhead to talk about three decades of the band, their new album and the new Lemmy action figure.

Bruce is joined by ex-Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley, who became the band's frontman in 1994 after Bruce left.

He'll be talking about his experiences filling Bruce's shoes and what it was like when Bruce came back to his old job in 1999, as well as playing exclusive tracks from his new album The Man Who Would Not Die.

Bruce welcomes pop-punk trio Alkaline Trio in the studio to talk about their forthcoming new album, the rock scene in their native Chicago and how their recent festival performances have gone.

Bruce is joined by Florida ska-punk outfit Less Than Jake to talk about how their Shout It Loud tour is progressing and what to expect from their new album.

Bruce is joined by American metal group Disturbed to chat about their up-and-coming festival dates and the tragic story behind their current single.

Bruce is joined by US heavy metal band Disturbed, who have just released their new album Indestructable and are set to play at this summer's Download festival.

They discuss the tragic story behind their new single and their experiences of self-producing one of their albums for the first time.

Bruce is joined by Swedish metal band Opeth, who are set to release their ninth studio album Watershed next month.

They'll discuss the making of Watershed, how they found performing in the UK recently and what their plans are for the festival season this summer.

Bruce is joined by Dez, the lead vocalist from Californian death-metal band DevilDriver, who talks about the band's current album and their appearance at last year's Download Festival, where they attempted a world record for the 'largest circle pit' ever at a festival.

Bruce chats to ex-Pantera and current Down frontman Phil Anselmo about why Down is now his main priority, how Hurricane Katrina affected his hometown of New Orleans and what it takes to make a super-group work.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and is joined by progressive metal band To-Mera to talk about how their second album Delusions differs from their previous release and how their new Oxford base is treating them.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and is joined by Florida metal band Black Tide.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and is joined by Californian thrash metal band Testament.

Bruce is joined by Jon Cosby, the multi-talented frontman of experimental US rock outfit VAST.

Jon has just finished a five-date mini-tour of Britian and drops by to discuss his ten years with the band and the rest of his remarkable career.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and is joined in the studio by symphonic power metal band Nightwish, who chat about their recent line-up changes and how their current album Dark Passion Play has been received.

Bruce lays waste to the nations airwaves and is joined in the studio by Finnish metal band Children of Bodom.

The band are shortly to release their sixth album, Blooddrunk, and will be appearing later in the year on the North American Gigantour as well as alongside Bruce's outift Iron Maiden at the Wacken Open Air festival.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and speaks to four British-based bands who have united for a special UK tour.

Breed 77, Forever Never, Panic Cell and Last Stop China Town are all hoping to raise the profile of up-and-coming British metal groups and Bruce will be chatting to the members of each act near the end of their five-date tour to find out what they think of the current state of UK metal.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves and is joined by Brazilian brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, who formed groundbreaking metal outfit Sepultura in 1984 and have now reunited to form a new band, Cavalera Conspiracy.

Bruce is backstage in LA to capture the sights, sounds and smells of life on the road with his band, the legendary Iron Maiden.

Featuring interviews with Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Ronnie James Dio, Slayer's Kerry King and Bruce's own bandmate Steve Harris, plus extracts from Bruce's audio diary.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves, and is joined by Australian rockers Airbourne, who chat about their new record, the influence of AC/DC and the re-birth of classic rock.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves, and is joined by Montreal-based six-piece Blessed By A Broken Heart.

This eighties-inspired party-rock outfit is renowned for reinvention, and alongside adopting glam-rock overtones, spandex, retro electronic effects and partying as the cornerstones of their new image, the band overhauled their lineup to the extent that, of its four remaining original members, only drummer Frank 'The Bird' has played the same instrument since the group was founded in 2003.

Bruce lays waste to the nation's airwaves, and is joined by ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley.

Originally the lead singer of Wolfsbane, Birmingham born Bayley replaced Bruce as Iron Maiden frontman in 1994.

During his five years with the band, two albums were released and he joins us to discuss how hard it was to fill Bruce's shoes, and what it was like when Bruce returned to resume his former position in 1999.

Bruce recaps the highlights from last weekend's 2007 Download Festival from Donington Park.

Last Saturday Bruce broadcast his show from backstage, and this week we bring you the best music recorded live from the event, interviews with the top performing bands and all the news from the UK's biggest alternative music festival.

We also find out which new bands impressed and what the Donington crowd made of it all.

This week Bruce broadcasts live from Donington's Download Festival.

His band Iron Maiden are headlining on Sunday, and he presents his usual Saturday-night show from backstage at this, the UK's biggest alternative music festival.

As well as the latest festival news, we'll hear tracks from many of the major performing artists, including Linkin Park, Megadeth and My Chemical Romance, plus interviews with some of the bands.

Bruce will also delve back into the BBC archives for classic Download performances from years gone by.