Building Stories

As part of this year's Brighton Festival, local writers have been asked to breathe life into four of the city's landmarks. NB do not trust the sequence of these.



"By Lynne Truss

In the midst of travellers and commuters, James waits for something or someone to change his life. Read by Chris Langham"

02The Confession Of Constance Kent20010509


By Roy Apps

In the awe-inspiring gothic surroundings of Wykeham Terrace, a horrific tale unfolds. Read by Tom Cotcher."

03As We Forgive Those...20010510

"By Nick Burbridge.

Two people with damaged lives try to find redemption, overlooked by the decaying West Pier that knows only too well how they feel. Read by Denys Hawthorne"

04 LASTThe Magic Flute20010511

"By Simon Nolan

As the production of a Mozart opera plays out on the Theatre Royal stage, it has a profound effect on a restless young couple. Read by Dora Bryan"