The Burying Of Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs, or JB, or Joseph Benedict is dead: 'What a pity.' But he was a very different man to each of them, and similarly, the nature of that pity is very different

Joe Bloggs is dead but who knew him best: his first love, his wife or his lawyer?

Series of three specially-commissioned stories by Frances Fyfield examining the life of the deceased, from the perspectives of those who knew - or thought they knew - him best: his first love, his wife, and his trusted and shadowy lawyer.


AR01Shirley May2009040720110118

Joe's first wife, Shirley, never really let him go.

The week before he died he sent her a key through the post, but the key to what?

Shirley May met Joe at an East End funeral and lived with him for ten years before 'he went and married someone else'.

He was a man of secrets and 'junk', but in her heart she never really let him go.


Joe was Theodora's fourth husband and they met at an auction house.

Curiously, Joe never wanted her to throw out the artefacts from her previous marriages, all those pictures on the walls of her beautiful home.

Like Shirley May, Theodora also has a key.

AR03 LASTMurray2009040920110120

Joe's trusted lawyer waits for the hearse outside a church in the City of London.

While the two women put down Joe's frequent absences to assumed infidelity, Murray has a different take: 'Only two women in a life of fifty-five years? Well, that's because he was a man of huge but bridled passion.' And Murray and Joe shared a passion, namely, the less-than-kosher collecting of fine art and antiques.

Murray is also waiting for the two women, but which one has the right key?