Bushman Tales

Sue Armstrong presents a portrait of the Bushman hunter-gatherers of southern Africa.


01The Spirit Of A Culture20010312

"She examines how pressure from cattle ranching, farming and tourism is squeezing the Bushmen off their traditional hunting grounds and destroying the very core of their culture."

02The Years Of Tears20010313

"For the Bushman people, modern education is often a painful process, involving leaving their families and entering a system with no respect for their culture."

03Culture Under Threat20010314

"Living a life of POVERTY on the fringes of African society, the Bushmen are ill-prepared to cope with consumerism or the sedentary lifestyle on offer in government settlements."

04Trading With The Modern World20010315

"Tensions are evident as the traditional communal, non-materialist culture is replaced by a modern, money-driven economy in the Kalahari."

05 LASTHealing Hands20010316

The conflict between traditional and modern medicine is evident as the hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari face up to the ravages of modern disease on an ancient culture.