Cabinet Of Curiosities

Sarah Lefanu and guests seek out intriguing collections of objects that merit the title `Cabinet of Curiosities'


Sailors' Reading Room20010604

Sarah Lefanu visits the Sailors' Reading Room in Southwold.

Built in 1964 by the widow of a sea captain to tempt fisherman out of the town's pubs on a Sunday afternoon, the Reading Room has since remained open every day except Christmas Day.

With contributions from the writer Craig Brown and the Reading Room's custodian John Winter.

The Cumming Museum20010709

Sarah Lefanu visits the Cumming Museum in South London - a collection of curiosities from all over the world which were accumulated during the 18th and 19th centuries by the antiquarians Richard and Henry Cumming.

Lefanu is joined by Collections Manager Jane Bird and writer and historian Rosemary Hill to investigate some of the curious objects which form the collection.

01Mr Potter's Museum Of Curiosities20000626

A collection of Victorian taxidermy and curios on Bodmin Moor which stand as a memorial to the 19th-century passion for collecting.

02The Museum Of Submarine Telegraphy20000627

Porthcuno in Cornwall, once the centre of underwater telegraph communications for the entire British Empire.

03The Hunterian Museum20000630

The collection of the 18th-century surgeon, anatomist and pioneer of medical research John Hunter, whose human and animal exhibits have provided not only medical but literary inspiration.