Cakes And Ale

Richard Pasco reads Somerset Maugham's 1930s satire about contemporary literary poseurs


0220020618William Ashenden remembers his first meeting with celebrated author Edward Driffield.
0320020619William Ashenden remembers how author Edward Driffield taught him to ride a bike.
0420020620William is intrigued by Driffield's wife.
0520020621Alroy Kear considers the sensitivities of writing a biography of a distinguished man of letters.
0620020624Ashenden becomes acquainted with the LONDON literary scene.
0720020625Ashenden's friendship with Rosie takes a new turn.
0820020626"Rosie leaves LONDON, leaving scandal in her wake."
0820020626Rosie leaves LONDON, leaving scandal in her wake.
0920020627William Ashenden goes to see the second Mrs Driffield.
10 LAST20020628William Ashenden discovers what happened to Rosie.