Calendar Girls [Drama]


2015122720191229 (BBC7)
20191228 (BBC7)

Ambridge Queen of Am Dram, Lynda Snell, presents Tim Firth's comedy drama about a group of WI members who make a naked calendar in order to raise money for charity.

Featuring Archers regulars including Carole Boyd, (Lynda Snell), Alison Dowling (Elizabeth Pargetter) and Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter), this smash hit comedy drama also features Sian Phillips, star of the original London West End cast.

Chris.... Charlotte Martin (Susan Carter)
Annie.... Alison Dowling (Elizabeth Pargetter)
Ruth.... Annabelle Dowler (Kirsty Miller)
Celia.... Sunny Ormonde (Lilian Bellamy)
Jessie.... Sian Phillips (Jean Harvey)
Marie.... Carole Boyd (Lynda Snell)
Brenda Hulse.... Souad Faress (Usha Franks)
Elaine.... Hollie Chapman (Alice Carter)
Lady Cravenshire.... Angela Piper (Jennifer Aldridge)
John.... Ian Pepperell (Roy Tucker)
Rod.... Brian Hewlett (Neil Carter)
Lawrence.... James Cartwright (PC Harrison Burns)
Liam.... Richard Attlee (Kenton Archer)

The accompanying pianist was Simon Taranczuk

A play by Tim Firth based on the motion picture CALENDAR GIRLS written by Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi

Adapted and directed by Sean O'Connor

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2015.

Ambridge Am Dram Queen Lynda Snell presents Tim Firth's comedy drama smash hit.

Drama from BBC Radio 4